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`Latgalians’ Culture News Web Page lakuga.lv`(Latgalīšu kulturys ziņu portals lakuga.lv) is the only massmedia, with content purely in the Latgalian language. The web page on everyday basis publishes news about Latgale and Latgalian cultural events in Latvia and around the world, original interviews withwell-known and recognizable Latgalians, as well as explanatory and educational articles about the history of Latgale and the Latgalian written language. Web page lakuga.lv has an important role in preserving, developing and promoting the Latgalian language. Portal functions since 2007, it is owned by association `LgSC`.

The Latgalian Language

The Latgalian language formed on the basis of the varieties of the Upper part of Latvia, belonging of the Baltic group of the Indo-European family of languages. A written version of Latgalian was created at the beginning of the 18th century.

In now days about 9% of residents of Latvia speak Latgalian, mainly in Latgale region and in Riga – the capital of Latvia.

In now days Latgalian officially isn’t a regional language and it’s not a separate language. It’s a historic variant of the Latvian language as it is said in Official Language Law of Republic of Latvia. The official language of the Republic of Latvia consists of Latvian literary language and Latgalian written language.

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15:00 Andra Kalinina izstuodis “Klusā ... @ Latgolys Kulturviesturis muzejs
Andra Kalinina izstuodis “Klusā ... @ Latgolys Kulturviesturis muzejs
Apr 12 @ 15:00 – 16:00
Vuordam “doba” skaidrojūšajā vuordineicā ir div nūzeimis – vysupyrma, tys apzeimej vysa apleik eksistejūšuo uorejū veidūlu ainaviskā izpratnē, pa ūtram, par “dobu” teik sauktys ari kaidys paruodeibys golvonuos eipašeibys, kas varātu izsaceit tūs byuteibu. Reflektejūt[...]